About Us

Our Approach

Our approach to yoga is simple – it makes us feel great. We can get excited about the intricacies of poses and the physiology of what mindful movement does for us humans. However, the proof is in the after-yoga class pudding. Yoga can give you a sense of achievement, clarity, peace, space. We both work full-time jobs in demanding careers and find that the yoga life gives everything a bit more sparkle.


Hi I’m Jacs! I’ve been practising yoga-asana for over 15 years. In 2017, after leaving a pretty stressful job and feeling a bit burnt-out, I signed up to my first yoga teacher training course. That’s where I met Gemma and it’s also where I started learning what my yoga practise could really become. Now, it’s in everything I do – not just on my mat. I’m a science nerd and LOVE learning more about the physiological changes yoga brings about to your body and your brain.

During the day I work as a speech and language therapist. I work with children with speech, language and communication needs. I have also worked with adults with brain injuries and mental health needs. I care about making yoga inclusive for everyone and my skills from my day job help me to do this. Although extremely rewarding, my day-job doesn’t come without it’s stresses and yoga has helped me immensely with keeping these at bay. I teach classes within the NHS to spread the good vibes throughout the workforce.

You can expect to leave my classes calm, spacious and informed about what-the-hell-magic just happened.


I started yoga in 2014 after years of gym classes, running and cycling and not nearly enough stretching or compassion towards my body. Initially drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, I quickly formed a deeper connection with the practice, as it helped to still my mind and support me through the stressful changes happening in my life at that time.

I love a strong vinyasa flow, the shapes we get to explore in our bodies through yoga, and how a consistent practice can both challenge and relax you. Completing my teacher training course with Shanti Yoga Glasgow in 2018 taught me so much, including how to be more at home with the body I’m lucky enough to have!

When I’m not teaching yoga, I am a lawyer at Edrington (a premium spirits company). My day job is rewarding and sometimes demanding, and I rely on the tools of my yoga practice to focus and calm me when I need it. A few of my other favourite things are books, soy wax candles, skiing slowly enough down a mountain to be able to appreciate the view, cuddling my sister’s dog Nelson, oak trees, and swimming in the sea with my boyfriend, Richard.